Content Marketing is Story Telling

Story Telling What it is?
Is storytelling a remarkable piece of fiction that traps its readers into a make-believe fascinating world? Or is it an extract from a spy novel? Well if you are thinking on this line, then read the article to the end or leave content creation.

Story Telling How To?
Story Telling for content marketing is based on the target audience, professional service, and product or brand perspective. It relates to facts sliced and diced to be presented in an engaging style. Facts comprise the present, what is behind or what awaits in the future. History, events, and story behind the product and brand, interesting aspects of service, and how it will impact the client or the subscriber, are good ingredients of storytelling. Add idioms, interesting phrases, quotes, graphics, videos, or audiovisuals, and reveal secrets that the audience is eager to discover. If you follow this technique, then you have engaging content that will lead your marketing efforts to victory.

I will let you in a little secret. If you wish to excel in adding stories for content creation listen to thought leaders on webinars, and pay attention to salespeople describing the goodies behind the products and services. Listen to an actor or a doctor praising himself for timely diagnosis or another’s perfection as a surgeon. Well, storytelling ideas come by listening to others or reading what others write. Add to the imagination with pepper and salt, and you have the engagement to proceed.

There is More to Story Telling!

Flowery description of products work, and so does alluring brand success stories. Customers are always in intrigue about the products they consume or use, and the associated brands or services. Online marketing entities do not survive in isolation, associates that determine success are always around following the company like Mary’s Little Lambs. Success stories are accounts of the nascent years when the brand grew up. People like to know the growing up events and stories. Why? Well behind every incremental success graph, event, or story there is a lesson to be learned, very useful for people who wish to emulate success and growth in their personal or professional life.

Have you ever seen a tigress and her cubs in the wild? The cubs are always prancing in the neighborhood. They never distance themselves from their mother and are constantly rubbing against her, feeling her, and caressing her to feel secure. They are inquisitive but alert, and extremely elated to have discovered life on Earth. Well, clients and customers are like tiny cubs, easily guided by authority, and emotions. Hence, make them feel elated, fulfill their desires, quench their inquisitiveness, and allow them the freedom to grow, all this to develop trust and affinity. Both trust and affinity are crucial for loyalty and indispensable for a long-term relationship that all businesses and services survive on.

Be Factual & Create Trust

Slicing and dicing product features or brand characteristics make engaging content but never divert facts. This is why content for digital marketing is so difficult to create. You have to weave imagination, and yet stick to the truth. Falsehood does not resonate with clients or customers, they view loyalty and attachment from an unwavering honest perspective. Loyals have a trustworthy and heroic vision of the products and services they use, there is no two way about this aspect.

Sprinkle with the knowledge that you have gained, add facts and figures, and a lot of thought. Remember, your readers to are looking for engagement throughout the customer journey, hence do not add fluff to increase word counts.

The online visitors have a relatively shorter span they love to hop, skip and jump hence labeling sub-headings well. Create a flow such that content becomes engrossing, but remember to add visuals that are embedded and do not lead to an external source.