How to Create a Zero Based Budget

Are you able to keep track of every amount that goes in and out of your account? Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and unable to save money?

The truth is, most of us are unaware of how much we need to live comfortably each month and this could lead to stress when paying bills. To manage your money effectively, creating and sticking to a budget is essential, and a zero-based budget will help you account for every single kobo you earn or spend.

In simple terms, a zero-based budget is your income minus expenses equal to zero (i.e. I – E =0). With zero-based budgeting, you will understand how your hard-earned Naira is being spent (expenses, debt, and investments).

Creating a zero-based budget might seem tasking, however, using the right digital saving and banking tools will make the process easy to start.

How to make a zero-based budget
1. List all your income sources

When making your zero-based budget, start by adding your possible sources of income. This can include your salary, income from your side hustle, cash gifts, residual income from investments, etc. You can do this with a sheet of paper, excel spreadsheet, or online savings platforms.

2. Write down your monthly expenses

Before the month begins, write down every planned or recurring expense starting with food, utilities, shelter, and transportation. Also, include a category for miscellaneous (unplanned expenses). Don’t forget to add your periodic savings to your budget too; saving money should be a priority.

3. Compare your cash inflow and outflow

Remember the goal of a zero-based budget is to have a balance of zero at the end. If your income and expenses do not equal zero that means you will need to increase your income or reduce your expenses, or both.

The desired outcome of the zero-based budget is to have every Kobo accounted for. This does not mean you will have zero Naira in your bank account, it means that you will have zero Naira left in your budget.

If you have a ¦20,000 excess in your budget, you will need to assign it to something profitable. For example, an investment platform like OVERWOOD will help you earn compound interest on idle funds.

The biggest advantage of adopting a zero-based budget is that it gives you control over what is happening with your money. A zero-based budget will direct you on how to spend your money the right way.

Take Advantage of Personal Loans – Read These Scenarios Where You May Need IT

You should use a personal loan to meet unforeseen expenses. It should not be obtained on the spur of the moment or simply because one feels like splurging. There may be times when you are facing an emergency financial crisis and need instant cash. In such scenarios, a personal loan could help you because it can be used for any purpose. These loans come with high-interest rates, and if you take a secured personal loan, you may risk losing your collateral. Before you apply for a personal loan, find out what you will use it for, and then decide whether you want to begin filling out an application or not.

Listed below are a few scenarios where a personal loan can prove to be useful:

Buying Latest Gadgets
Are you a digital-technology expert or enthusiast? If yes, then you desire to buy the latest gadgets. However, purchasing a new expensive gadget can be a stressful process. As the technology is continuously changing, new gadgets integrated with ‘smart’ technology are emerging to make your work easier. This increases your urge to buy these gadgets. So, apply for a personal loan to fulfill your desire to purchase the latest gadgets. However, don’t forget about the interest rates and the EMI you need to pay.

Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can take a severe toll on your finances. There are times when you don’t have enough money set aside to cover your medical expenditures. If you’re medical bills are overdue, it is better to think of different ways through which you can make payment. One way is getting a personal loan as it is a hassle-free process, and the loan amount is disbursed quickly. Make sure to select the lender that can be disbursed the loan amount into your account quickly.

Necessary Home Renovations
You have planned the renovation of your home with a budget. While renovating the home, you realized that the actual cost of renovating exceeds the budget you have in mind. This is where a personal loan can be used. With this loan, you can do many things such as remodeling the house, change the fittings and furnishings, etc. Here, it is important to note that your creditworthiness will decide the loan amount and interest rate you will be charged with.

Child’s Education
As a parent, you want to provide everything your child desires and needs. Quality education is one of the things your child needs to have a bright future. However, education is continually getting more expensive. Along with this, the education loan is insufficient to cover tuition pay, relocation costs, living costs, etc. Getting a personal loan can prove to be very helpful in such cases. The loan amount can be used to cover living costs, relocation costs, etc.

Wedding Expenses
In India, weddings are typically lavish and big. To make your dream wedding come true, you need to have adequate finances. A personal loan may look like a great idea if you do not have sufficient funds to organize the wedding. Since there are no limits on using the funds from this loan, you can use it as per your needs. You can utilize it for catering, flower arrangements, or shopping.

Moving Expenses
Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You may be relocating for work or other personal reasons. Either way relocating is a hectic process and can get costly. Applying for a personal loan makes perfect sense in this case. It will cover any unforeseen costs that occur as a result of your relocation.

Repaying Family Or Friends
Your relationship is at risk if you’re indebted to someone who helped you out with a loan but you can’t pay them back. A personal loan can help you; however, it is better to communicate with that person first. Perhaps you can come up with new payment plans that are mutually acceptable. If this is not possible, then you can go for a personal loan.

It is best to save money when you are planning to go for the trips. However, an unplanned holiday is often inevitable. It is extremely doubtful that you will be able to afford a vacation. So, what is your next step? Apply for a personal loan, get the loan amount disbursed to your account within a few hours. Then, enjoy a hassle-free holiday.


Whatever amount of money you have saved may not be enough in case of an emergency or unplanned event. This is where personal loans come into play. The applying process for a personal loan is easy, and disbursal is quick. Taking a personal loan can be helpful if you’re using it smartly. Remember that it is better to take a loan when there is an emergency, and you need instant money.

Business Credit Cards vs. Lines of Credit – Which is Best for Your Small Business?

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you may find yourself in need of short-term funds sooner or later to cover a variety of business expenses. Whether you need extra working capital for bridging cash flow gaps or covering day-to-day expenses, utilizing short-term small business financing is a great option to run and grow your business efficiently.

The two most sought-after ways to get capital to meet your short-term financial needs are small business credit cards and lines of credit. But which is best for your type of small business? When do you use which? And how to qualify and apply for each of these financing options? These are some of the many important questions we’ll touch on in this article.

Business Lines of Credit

Business lines of credit are an example of revolving credit. Unlike traditional bank loans, you have the flexibility to borrow a fixed limit of funds that you can use whenever you need it. The best thing about a line of credit that you’ve to pay interest on the amount only you’ve used. And once you repay the used credit plus interest, the total amount will be available again.

These loans can be secured or unsecured by a lien on your assets or other business assets such as real estate, inventory, and more. Both traditional banks and alternative lenders provide lines of credit to small businesses. Though you must have strong revenue and an established business credit profile to become eligible for the mid or long-term lines of credit, while lenders are willing to offer short-term lines to even startups and businesses lacking collateral and good credit score.

Features of Business Lines of Credit

Loan Amount – $10K – 1M
Loan Term – 3 Months – 18 Monhts
Interest Rate – 7%-25%
Time to Fund – 24-48 Hours
Fees – Opening fee, annual renewal fee, and monthly maintenance fee
Uses of Business Lines of Credit

Finance day-to-day expenses and cover working capital gaps
Hiring new employees
Purchasing inventory and equipment
Making payroll
Using for seasonal expenses, expanding business location, and investments
Qualification Requirements for Business Lines of Credit

Although qualification criteria for business lines of credit vary from lender to lender, here are some of the common requirements your small business needs to fulfil.

Must have a business history of at least 1 year
Must have good annual revenue and profitable business
May have to put collateral for the larger amount such as accounts receivable, machinery, inventory, real estate, etc
Need to provide a guarantee if you’re an independent small business owner
A minimum credit score of 650
Business Credit Cards

A business credit card is an ideal unsecured small business funding solution to cover a variety of your small business expenses. With a business credit card, a monthly spending limit has been set by credit card issuers and you can spend as much as you need up until that limit and then pay it later (usually every month).

Whether you’re running a corporation, working as a sole proprietor, or an LLC owner, freelance gig, or side hustle, almost every type of business can apply for a business credit card. Besides, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who has just started his new venture and don’t have a credit history, you can still apply. You don’t need to have a perfect credit score or put collateral to get a business credit card. Moreover, the loan approval process is much easier and faster than many small business financing products.

Features of Business Credit Cards

Loan Amount -$50,000 or more
Loan Term – Up to 55-60 days interest-free
Interest Rate – 13.24% – 19.24% Variable
Time to Fund – 24-48 Hours
Uses of Business Credit Cards

Purchase equipment, inventory, and supplies
Mitigating cash flow issues
Cover various day-to-day and other operative business expenses
Qualification Requirements for Business Lines of Credit

Depending on the specific cards and lenders, you’ll likely need, if not all of the following.

Enter the full legal business name for businesses and your name in case of a freelancer or a sole proprietor.
Business address and phone number
Business history
Number of employees
Federal tax identification number
Estimated monthly expenses
Personal credit history and guarantee
Business Lines of Credit vs. Credit Cards – Which is Better?

Well, it totally depends on your specific business financial needs and budget. If you need access to large amounts with lower interest rates and a flexible payment plan, then a line of credit could be your ideal small business financing option

However, if you want special discounts, rewards, cashback, and offers and are able to pay your entire credit in full each month, then it will make more sense to apply and secure a business credit card for your business’ financial needs.

No matter whether you’re securing a business line of credit or credit card, it’s always a smart idea to apply through an online funding marketplace. It will help you find and compare a variety of these small business loans offers from multiple lenders so you can choose one that best fits your current financial needs and budget.

Who is an Insurance Agent? How do I Become an Insurance Agent?

Insurance as we know is a security to protect us in a difficult or unforeseen situation. There are many types of insurance that one can avail,

• Life insurance
• Auto insurance
• Property insurance
• Travel insurance

There are many subtypes and a lot of companies offer customized products too.

Who is an Insurance agent?

An Insurance agent works or represents an insurance company and is a point of contact for individuals looking for insurance. They explain various types of insurance products and help the buyer pick the one that is best for them. They also do the documentation part and support as a POC for policyholders during the term of the policy.

What does an Insurance agent do?

• Helps people make informed decisions about insurance
• Helps customers through the claim process
• Looks at customer’s current coverages
• Help customers review their policies
• Explains each type of coverage in depth and give examples of how it may help

India being a really competitive and price sensitive market, some people would say that they want the cheapest insurance, and the agent will likely ask them, ‘’Think about what would happen if you had to make a claim? Would you want the policy with the best price or best benefits?” This usually tells them that the agent has their best interests in heart, because when the customer needs to make a claim, the agents can help begin that process.

The great thing about Insurance agents is having the opportunity to help someone who’s going through a tough time; to turn someone’s day around.

Difference between Agent and Broker?

The agent directly works on behalf of or represents an insurance company. The Broker works on behalf of or represents and insurance buyer (you)

There are 2 types of agents,

Captive Agent – These agents work on behalf or represent a single insurance company
Independent Agent – These agents work on behalf or represent multiple insurance companies

How to become an Insurance Agent?

Being an Insurance agent can be a really rewarding career choice. Once you have decided to become an insurance agent, you need to register with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or IRDAI. One needs to fill the required forms, uploaded and pay. Post registration, the exam date and timing are conveyed to the applicant.

IRDAI even provides study materials to candidates in various languages to make it easier for them.

What are the benefits of becoming an insurance agent?

• Start Earning at the Age of 18
• Be Your Own Boss
• Creates a Stable Income and Control the Growth
• Flexible Work Timings
• Zero Investment Required

Being an insurance agent can be really productive and anyone can do it. Retired people to homemakers can have a great source of Incomes, besides the eligibility criteria is minimal (10th Pass) so what are you waiting for? Become an Insurance agent today!

How to buy shares from angel broking?

It’s a human tendency that a field a person is interested in, keeps full knowledge of it. Does it happen with you too? Like, if you are that filmy person and loves Bollywood then you must have all the information of the industry. Similarly, if you keep your eye on cricket and cricket is your keen concern then you might have all the stats regarding cricket in your head only.

In the same way, an investment enthusiast keeps all the information of what’s happening in the stock market, which company is releasing their IPOs and so on. If you are one among such trading zealots then you must be knowing that recently the giant broking house Angel Broking has released its IPO, and it quite had a blast.

After the release of this IPO many traders thought to shift to or open their new demats in Angel Brokings. This discount broker has made an impressive customer base but many new customers are facing difficulties in knowing the platform. So, let us now see what is this platform and how to buy shares from this?

About Angel Broking

Angel Broking is a stockbroker firm of India that was founded back in 1987.The company, Angel Broking is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited as well as multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited. It is also a depository participant (DP) with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Currently, The company has more than 8500 sub-brokers, and also franchise outlets in more than 900 cities all over India.

The services of Angel Broking encompass online stock broking, depository services, commodity trading as well as investment advisory services. You can also see services like Personal loans and insurance being delivered by this company. Back in 2006, Angel Broking also started its portfolio management services, IPOs business and also, mutual funds distribution arm.

Angel Broking Review also amasses products such as Angel Eye, Angel BEE mutual fund app, Angel SpeedPro, Angel Trade as well as Angel Swift for online trading.

How to buy shares on Angel Broking?

As discussed earlier, many new users of the prominent discount broker app, angel broking have been dilemma that how to use the platform. Though it is very easy platform to handle, but there are always some new people who are not very easy with the technical terms.

So, we are here to solve your one problem of buying shares from the angel broking app. So let’s see how we can do wonder via this platform.

The straightforward process of buying stocks from angel broking is shown below:

Firstly, you are required to click on the menu in the app.
Now you will find an option named as trade. You are now required to cluck on this trade option.
Another option will appear to you ‘buy-sell’, select this option.
Now to search the stock that you are willing to buy, you will be required to click on the search. Now just select the stock you would like to or prefer to buy.
At this moment, an option must be available to you as ‘exchange’, select that option.
Now, simply click on the buy button.
Now, a window will appear to you. This window is known as the buying window.
Now, an option will appear to you as ordered by quantity. Simply click on this option.
Here, you will select the desired option and enter the quantity.
Now, it is the time to select the order type. The two options are limit order or market order.
Now, you will be required to select the product type. It includes intraday, delivery and margin trading.
Now, select the validity( day or IOC).
Finally, to buy the stock click on the submit button. Now your order will be placed.
Hope, now will be clear with the idea of how to use the app and particularly buy shares from the discount broker, angel broking.

What is ‘watchlist’?

Many wonder, what is a watchlist? What is the purpose of this and how is this used? Let’s know that!

So, the watchlist is available to you by default, when you install the app and open it. In the watchlist you could add your favorite or preferred stocks, that you feel you are interested in and feel you will trade frequently.

The benefit of adding the stocks to the watchlist is that you get information about the stock as well as it’s price rates.

Index segment

Another appreciated option in the angel broking app is the index segment. In the index segment you would see the Nifty’s top 50 stocks and sensex’s top 50 stocks. It include options like Nifty, sensex, bank senses and others.

Wrapping words

Angel Broking is nothing but just another platform that provides you with the facility of online trading. It makes the trading procedure more interesting. Over the past few years, it has been tremendously successful in expanding its customer base with a bang.

After reading the above article, you must have cleared yourself with angel broking, what is it all about? How to use the platform? And, how to buy shares from the angel broking.

To be honest, the system is damn easy and could be used by anyone, even if you are new to the game you could use it like other regular apps. Just within a few steps, you could place orders of different stocks and sell it as well. You could do this even while trading in different segments like equity, currency, derivatives, commodity etc.

Apart from having the cutting edge tools, the giant platform angel broking, allows all the traders or investors present out there to Proceed with the techniques of risk management. The platform of angel broking is a one that comes out with advanced technology in all the aspects whether it’s the financial tools or if the graphics of the app are concerned. It will suit you in each and every situation.

If you are really among those who are choosing angel broking as their trading platform then this is time.

Things to know about getting a personal license

Therefore today anybody who wishes to own or work in a restaurant where alcoholic drinks are availed by the customers has to have a personal license. The main problem pops up when they take the initial step of license making without a proper guidance. The localized license providers are often too lazy to provide the helpful information to the applicants and more over people can’t just ask anybody to give them free advices. So, interested applicants must have a proper knowledge about the arena, which is acquired only by getting enrolled to a personal license training institute.

A supervised training is required by the applicants to get a personal license from the license providers. The licensing qualification in England and Wales is called as Award of Personal License Holders (APLH). While in Scotland the qualification is known as Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holders (SCPLH). Both the qualifications need the applicants to be trained at least for a day under the guidance of professional trainers. There are thousands of institutes that offer to train the applicants for the APLH and SCPLH examination. They also organize the examination under their strict supervision. After successfully passing the examination, the candidate is said to be qualified for personal license. Personal license training is nothing but a part of the qualification process.

The simplest way to prepare oneself for the licensing examination is to register into a reputed Personal license course online. An online course doesn’t mean that the applicant will be provided with less study materials and knowledge; in fact the applicant will not only get all the needed study guides but will also get the privilege of personalized class. They can study at any hour of the day without getting distracted by the outside influences. Even the facility of analyzing the preparation by the help of mock tests is also provided. Mock tests are great means of uplifting the confidence before the actual examination. It also allows the applicants to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on both the areas in a more proportionate way. In the actual examination the applicants are asked to answer 40 MCQ questions most of which are from the study materials that are provided in the popular online courses. The mock test usually introduces the applicants with the exam environment and the question patters.

To enroll into a personal license course online one needs to register him into the designated website and follow the instructions related to the payment. Once all the formalities are done the applicant can start his/her exam preparation with the study materials and the essential notes that are being provided in the website. When he/she is confident enough to take the test then he/she needs to book a day of examination. After appearing the exam he/she will need to wait for the declaration of the result.

The personal license for selling alcohol has the validity of ten years. If the owner of the license wants to renew the license along with the authority, then the license holder needs to produce the original license no matter where the owner lives in the present situation.

In case an applicant wishes to apply for a fresh license then it needs to be accredited by the Secretary of the State. The main aim of this provision is the fact that it ensures the license holder is completely aware of the licensing law and the greater responsibilities as a member of the society he is living in when it comes to the selling of alcohol.

There is a probability of the fact that a new applicant cannot attend personal Licence course for the APLH examination, then there are courses can be taken care of in the comfort of the resident’s home itself. The companies also take care of the applicant’s criminal record check and the application fees can be lessened or can get a rebate of quite an attractive percentage when one books for the personal Licence course. All one needs to do is to book for the personal alcohol licence course online using the APLH course application form on the webpage and on checkout can access a discount of up to 10 pounds.

Upstox vs Zerodha vs 5paisa: Head to Head Comparison

Upstox, Zerodha, and 5paisa are the top ones in India when it comes to discount brokers. Additionally, all three of them charge a flat brokerage on the intraday trading. Products and services offered by them are almost similar. Let’s first know each of the stockbrokers in brief detail.

Upstox has over 12.20 lakh clients in India according to data compiled by NSE. Moreover, it is one of the best stock brokers that has many amazing deals. It is suitable for all types of investors and traders. It helps investors for trading at a very low-cost commission. Additionally, it was started in the year 2011 and it is this successful in just a small period.

Zerodha is India’s top no.1 stockbroker that has 24.70 lakh clients according to data by NSE. It was started in the year 2010 and like Upstox is suitable for all types of investors and traders. Moreover, it is the leading stockbroker with low commissions. It is known for its margin rates, customer care support, commissions schedule, and trading platforms.

Zerodha was awarded “the best retail brokerage” in the year 2018 by NSE. Additionally, it provides many services in almost all segments like F&O, Mutual funds, equity, currency, etc. Zerodha mostly focuses on the execution of trades and the platform provided has international standards.

5paisa was founded in the year 2005. Additionally, like its competitors, 5paisa gives a simple trading structure that has a flat fee. 5paisa was awarded ‘Best Digital Startup of the Year’. It offers services and tools to their active traders. These tools and services include a mobile application, desktop, and web-based tools for trading. The advantage of using 5paisa is that they provide educational content like infographics and videos to its customers.

Comparison of Upstox, Zerodha, and 5paisa

Head points




Type of Broker

Discount Broker

Discount Broker

Discount Broker

Account Type

Upstox Basic



Upstox V/s Zerodha V/s 5paisa Charges & AMC

Trading Account Opening Charges

Rs. 249

Rs. 200

Rs. 0

Trading Account AMC

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

Demat Account Opening Charges

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

Demat Account AMC

Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 540

(manner of charging: Rs.45 per traded month)

Upstox V/s Zerodha V/s 5paisa Brokerage charges

Equity Delivery Brokerage

Rs. 0 (Free)

Rs. 0

Rs. 20 per order executed

Equity Intraday Brokerage

Rs.20 per order executed or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs. 20 per executed order

Equity Futures Brokerage

Rs.20 per order executed or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs. 20 per executed order

Equity Options Brokerage

Flat Rs.20 per order executed

Flat Rs.20 per order executed

Flat Rs.20 per order executed

Currency Options trading brokerage

Rs. 20 per executed order

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs.20 per order executed or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower

Commodity futures trading brokerage

Rs.20 per order executed or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs. 20 per executed order

Commodity options trading brokerage

Rs. 20 per executed order

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs.20 per order executed or 0.05% of the order, whichever is lower

Currency futures trading brokerage

Rs. 20 per executed order

0.03% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is low

Rs. 20 per executed order

Upstox V/s Zerodha V/s 5paisa Trading Platform
All three stockbrokers provide a decent and great trading platform. Moreover, here are the trading platforms of each stockbroker explained in brief.

Zerodha Trading Platforms
Kite 3.0 Trading Platform

Kite 3.0 is web-based trading and investment platform of Zerodha. You can access this on your tablet, mobile, laptop, and desktop with internet access. Moreover, the platform offers advanced charting tools, a sleek interface, and a search option for about 90,000+ stocks. There is zero latency available on F&O contracts across stock exchanges like MCX, NSE, and BSE.

Kite Mobile

Zerodha’s Kite mobile app is the mini version of the Kite 3.0 platform for trading. It has fingerprint and Face ID features for enhanced security. Moreover, the app helps you to trade and monitor live data from NSE, MCX, and BSE. There are different types of indicators available and the app is speedy for use.

5paisa Trading Platforms
5paisa Trader Station Web platform

5paisa “Trader Station Web” is a compatible version that works in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Moreover, it provides a view of all of your positions, portfolio, and holdings.

5paisa App (Mobile Trading App)

5paisa is a mobile application that consists of Robo and research advisory. Moreover, it helps to purchase stocks, currency F&O, mutual funds, and much more.

5paisa Trader Station EXE

5paisa Trader station EXE is a trading platform that can be used on the desktop for advanced traders. Moreover, many amazing and advanced trading tools show accurate data that is happening in real-time. Additionally, there are advanced charts that are used for intraday, and past prices of stock are provided for comparison.

Upstox Trading Platforms
Upstox Pro Web

As the name suggests Upstox pro web is a trading platform for in-depth analysis and understanding of the market. Additionally, it has a drag and drop facility with many advanced features. Advanced features like technical indicators and charts for technical analysis, Algo trading, and API integration.

Upstox Pro Mobile App

The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android. It has many advanced tools for tracking and monitoring the markets.

Upstox NEST Trader Desktop

NEST trader is a .exe trading platform that is downloadable and for professional traders. It is easily customizable and can operate in multi-monitor mode.

All three stockbrokers have their unique benefits. 5paisa is great for someone who wants to learn and know more about markets. Upstox is for those who want a fast, safe and stable trading platform. Lastly, Zerodha is the most trusted of them all and provides the best customer support.

Spot Trading Vs Futures Trading: What’s the Difference?

Spot trading is based on on-the-spot price and decision making. It happens on the current market price of a currency or digital asset available to be bought/sold for immediate settlement. In a nutshell, the evaluation of the asset takes place on the current price, i.e., no past or future speculation involved. In spot trading, the ownership of the asset is transferred to the buyer from the seller immediately as per the contract terms.

Risk Factor: Spot trading is what-you-see-what-you-get kind of trading choices. Hence, there is no risk as the buyer and seller are informed of the outcomes.

The above image from PCEX Member (Panaesha Capital Traders) narrates the spot price of BCH (Bitcoin Cash), DASH (Dash), BTC(Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), XMR (Monero), and other top performing cryptocurrencies (in the INR, USD, USDT, and C2USD market). PCEX Member is a user-friendly, comprehensive, and secure cryptocurrency trading platform in India.

If a buyer wants to purchase a few BCH, he or she has to spend an equivalent value of fiat or regular currency. At the time of taking the above snap, the seller has quoted the best bid price for BCH as INR 38,120 and he or she has 1.8 coins to sell out. The best ask price or the highest price quoted by any buyer was INR 38,129. So, the buyer willing to purchase the asset has to pay (38, 129×1.8), i.e., INR 68,632.20.

The highest and lowest spot price of any asset is made available by the exchange platform to help investors with their decision making.

Futures Trading

Futures trading is based on a future price of the digital asset, and the decision to go into such a trading agreement is purely ruled by one’s speculation. The buyer and seller entering into the futures contract have an opposite view regarding the performance of the asset in question and that serves the match-making ground.

Banking on the Futures price on the expiry date, the buyer accepts the contract and deposits token money commonly referred to as margin rate into the exchange to buy a certain lot size of the given asset. This token money is defined by the exchange i.e. Panaesha Capital Exchange. The deposit is accepted in any Fiat currency (any currency that is issued by a government) including USD. The exchange validates the claim to enter a futures contract by examining the account of the prospective buyer.

The spot price has an impact on the futures price and both go in tandem generally. Once the contract is initiated, the token money is locked with the exchange.

The current price of the asset on the date of expiry or termination of the contract defines the profits and losses of the investors – buyer and seller. If it goes beyond the price what was at the time of contract making, the buyer benefits and sellers loses. On the drop of the asset price, the buyer loses and the seller makes the equivalent profit.

Risk Factor: A substantial risk is associated here as neither of the parties involved in the trade knows the future performance of the asset. They are just betting on their views and logic, which may prove right or wrong.

What if the speculation of the buyer of a futures contract proves wrong and he or she incurs a loss beyond the token money submitted? As the asset value of the purchased token size, based on the futures contract price, dips below 75%, the buyer receives an alert from the exchange regarding the same. The exchange asks for the payment to keep the contract active. If the user doesn’t honor the payment request, the contract is squared off, and the buyer gets automatically removed from the contract.

How does PCEX Member or any other asset exchange platform make a profit out of spot or futures trading? It’s obvious that no business or platform can survive without profit. Whether traditional or virtual currency-based exchange – in both the scenarios, the exchange platform charges a commission for the trade from buyer and seller. Normally, the virtual currency exchange platform maintains low commission. Such a low commission rate provides an edge to the digital exchange platform over the traditional ones. New asset owners also pay a fee for listing their assets on the platform. Exchanges also raise funds through IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), STOs (Security Token Offerings), and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

How to trade Ethereum with Indian Rupee on Koinbazar?

Koinbazar – India’s most trusted cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange platform with ultra-secure, professional, comfort and you can easily buy bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Trade ETH to INR on koinbazar but before that, you have to complete the below-mentioned steps as follows.

How to register your account:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your account registration process,

Step 1: Visit the Koinbazar website.

Step 2: Select signup and enroll the details required.

Step 3: Once you complete, click “Create Account”. An activation mail will send it to your registered Email-ID.

Step 4: Open it and click the activation link. And your account is successfully created.

Steps to complete the KYC verification process:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your KYC verification process,

Step 1: Sign in to your account and select Account —> Profile

Step 2: Under the KYC section you need to complete the following prospects.

i. Choose your required ID proof.

ii. Upload your frontside and backside ID Proof.

iii. Take a selfie of your face for KYC identification.

Step 3: Click Save. And your KYC verification process will be completed shortly.

After the procedures get complete, you can legally deposit your funds by connecting your bank details or from the external wallets to your koinbazar wallet. So, start trading ETH with INR safely with us and enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

How does Business Incubators Work?

According to the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), there square measure one,400 business incubators within the U.S. With such a large amount of programs around the country, you’ll be inquisitive about the role of business incubators. What do they provide young entrepreneurs, can} connection one be a strategic move for you? This guide will offer you a summing up of the business apparatus model and teach you the way to inform if a business apparatus is correct for your business.

What Is a Business Incubator?

Business incubators square measure specially designed programs to assist young startups to introduce and grow. they sometimes give workspaces, mentorship, education, and access to investors for startups or sole entrepreneurs. These resources enable corporations and concepts to require form whereas operative at a lower value throughout the first stages of business incubation. Incubators need an associate degree application method to affix and frequently need a commitment for a particular quantity of your time.


Business incubators are around since the Nineteen Fifties. Since then, they need to be evolved into several forms. whereas there square measure many forms of incubators, all of them share the common goal of promoting growth. Here square measure a number of types you’ll notice whereas checking out apparatus programs:

Academic institutions: several business incubators square measure to pass by universities or have tutorial affiliations. Some programs work with university students, whereas others settle for cohorts of young corporations.

Non-profit development corporations: each non-profit and government agencies use incubator company in India to stimulate economic development. These programs could specifically settle for corporations meshed toward public welfare.

For-profit property development ventures: Larger companies develop several incubators for varied functions. These programs could also be associate degree investment chance or some way to fund subsidiaries, develop technology, or notice partnerships.

Venture capital companies: Some risk capital firms establish incubators as associate degree investment chance. These incubators could invest in startups in exchange for equity or provide funding more within the program.

How Long Do Business Incubators typically Take?

The distinction between incubators and accelerators is that incubators generally follow a less rigid schedule and may be tailored to a business’s distinctive wants. These programs square measure like residencies with the additional advantage of instructional programming and mentorship. Consequently, the business incubation method will vary reckoning on your company’s wants. Generally, you’ll keep in associate degree apparatus for as long because it takes you to grow your business to a property level.

Pros of a Business apparatus

There square measure several advantages of a business apparatus for a growing startup. Here’s what you’ll gain by applying:

Save on rent: associate degree apparatus typically offers a coworking house at a coffee value. These programs enable you to save lots of on operative expenses whereas you grow your business.

Learn and grow: the most effective business incubators offer you access to a network of mentors, coaches, and academic programming meshed toward business innovation.

Find funding: associate degree apparatus usually provides you close up contact with venture capitalists World Health Organization might want to fund your concepts. Acceptance into an estimable program will impress investors and function proof of your skills and drive.

There square measure several advantages of coworking areas for startups. they permit you to require advantage of shared resources like utilities, saving on prices. you may even be during a prime location to meld minds and partner with different corporations.

Improve focus: Incubators provide a structured atmosphere that may assist you to immerse yourself in your work. whether or not you’ve got daily workshops or scheduled periods, you’ll establish smart work habits to urge your business off the bottom.